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Data-Driven Hiring Tests to Find Your Next MVP Employee
Skills, cognitive, and custom hiring tests to find your next best employees. Effortlessly automate your screening process and find the most talented applicants with virtually zero effort.
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Automatically rank candidates based off test performance
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Built in applicant tracking system
Backed By Statistics
Use pre-employment testing to find the best candidates[1]
Job Performance
Can not be explained by resumés and experience alone[2]
Between job performance and mental ability + work sample test[3]
Allison ParkerLink4.91
Lucy ChenLink4.72
Connor MichaelsLink3.33
Jeanie RaushLink2.84
Matt SpearsLink1.25
Screen Effortlessly
Automatically rank candidates by ability and view their resumé and qualifications in the same place. Don't miss out on your top candidates. Our software automates your first round screening process and screens for the best and brightest candidates for your role.
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